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Video Recordings of Public Meetings

Note that this is NOT an OFFICIAL Website of the Town of Wentworth.
For official minutes and other postings, please go to www.wentworth-nh.org.

During the August 18, 2014 meeting, the Wentworth Selectmen made an important change in their weekly meeting schedule. Henceforth, they will hold their normal meetings on alternate Tuesday nights at 6 pm. They will still meet on the intervening Tuesday nights at 6 pm, but those off-week meetings will be reserved for sleep inducing topics like policy handbook reviews, budget hearings, and the like. Meetings are also more likely to be canceled on the off-week Tuesday nights. Last but not least, there will not be a 'Privilege of the Floor' period on the intervening Tuesday nights. 

Nevertheless, matters that simply can not wait for the bi-weekly normal meeting, will be handled during a short session on the intervening Tuesday nights, immediately followed by their normal sleep inducing session. When such quasi-emergency matters are discussed, I have asked for a 1 minute break before/after the normal agenda items so that I can turn my camera off and back on, so that I can package the quasi-emergency portion of the meeting as a separate video.

My intent is to NOT submit the sleep-inducing off-week meeting Selectmen videos to Pemi-Baker TV for showing on TWC Channel 3. Conversely, if an important topic is discussed during the off-week, I will ask that a relatively short video be shoehorned into the Channel 3 schedule. I will still videotape the sleep inducing off-week sessions, however those videos will be made available only to Broadband viewers as well as on DVD's to Town Library cardholders (by request to the Town Librarian).

As before, I still maintain that the monthly Wentworth School Board meeting videos have first priority in the use of the Town's weekly slot, Accordingly, the broadcast of some bi-weekly normal meetings of the Selectmen will be delayed by a week from time to time.

Finally, this new Selectmen meeting schedule suggests that I will have an open slot once a month to broadcast selected meetings of other Town Boards on a delayed basis. Of particular interest is the Town Library Trustees, which I have never videotaped because the Librarian assures me that they all are of a sleep inducing nature. But also of interest is the Planning Board, which I currently videotape for Broadband viewers only (and on DVD's to Town Library cardholders by special request only) on the dates of Public Hearings and the discussion of other important topics. The Town Trustees of Trust Funds meetings are another candidate for occasional broadcast by PBTV on TWC Channel 3.


Since the new Selectmen meeting schedule began on August 18, 2014, with the next normal meeting two weeks hence, the following is a very tentative schedule for video submissions to PBTV for broadcast on TWC Ch. 3. Since public meeting schedules are subject to change on just 24 hours notice and agendas are rarely made available in advance, what follows is subject to change with little or even no advance notice!



Last of all regardless of what anybody might try to read into above, any Town Government meeting that I videotape will always be posted to Vimeo.com on an overnight basis for Broadband users and its location will be posted to the http://wentworth-nh.comli.com website the next day!

July-September 2014 & October 2014

Wentworth Selectmen - All Public Meetings

Wentworth Planning Board - Public Hearings and other important meetings

Wentworth Library Trustees - Occasional & Important meetings only


Wentworth Trustees of Trust Funds - Important meetings only

Wentworth Emergency Operations Plan Meetings

Wentworth School Board - All Public Meetings

Rumney School Board - Public Meetings of interest to Wentworth

Warren School Board - Public Meetings of interest to Wentworth

Please note that upon explicit invitation, I will also videotape particularly important meetings of our town's non-profit organizations, such as the Wentworth Historical Society, any of the four Cemetery Associations, etc. both for presentation on Time Warner Cable TV Channel 20 and on the Web for our Broadband viewers. Furthermore, I am also still interested in recruiting other video producers that are residents of the Town of Wentworth for other local and area video projects that are clearly within the scope of Pemi-Baker TV's TWC Channel 20.

I have discontinued ROUTINE audio only recording of the Planning Board, Library Trustees, and similar minor Town Government entities on January 1, 2013. I will however monitor whatever notifications are available in advance so that I can videotape Public Hearings and other meetings of such entities that appear to be of some importance. I will likewise videotape particular meetings upon the advance request of any resident or property owner.

Last but not least, residents must be aware that my house is 'for sale' and upon the acceptance of a reasonable offer, I must devote my full attention to the arduous job of moving out of town. I must accordingly recruit another volunteer (that is a resident of Wentworth) to take my place in videotaping the important public meetings in this town!

Volunteers are still needed to record these meetings.
Please contact the Webmaster for details!

The Annual Town Meeting in March of 2014 voted to pay
the PBTV dues of approximately $161/year from the TWC
franchise fee receipts of 50 cents per subscriber per month.
Note also that the PBTV Dues payable in March of 2015 are expected to
be $250/year likewise 
payable from the TWC franchise fee
These dues pay for the preparation and broadcast on Cable TV
of finished videos from Wentworth and also the training and technical
support of the Wentworth Volunteer Video Producers.

Note that the Vimeo Plus Membership ($60/year) used to post videos to the Internet
(and also convey them to Plymouth) is an out-of-pocket expense of the volunteer! 

The cable TV station that broadcasts these videos on Time Warner Cable TV Channel 3
has changed its name from pbCAM to PBTV (Pemi-Baker TV)
and its Web site address is now http://www.plymouth-nh.org/town-departments/pemi-baker-tv

New Tax Maps Page

Digital copies of the town maps are now available on the new Tax Maps page on the Town Web Site.

Note also that the Property Tax Information page of  the Town Web Site provides a handy cross index to property information:

* Indicates a PDF file. Please note that FREE Acrobat Reader software is available for Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and Solaris computers from the www.adobe.com website.

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